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Goddess Salon | About Us | The Goddess
The Goddess Salon was founded by a master hair extensionist, stylist and colorist, Maryam. Goddess Salon was created to honor the sacred feminine in all women
Goddess Salon, master hair extensionist, stylist, colorist, Maryam
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The Goddess Salon was founded by a master hair extensionist, stylist and colorist.

Mentored by hair artisans from Paris to Los Angeles, Maryam feels that hair design – like art – comes from a peaceful, yet powerful place within us and it is that soulful place that she creates her world renowned hair extensions and hair designs.


Our Founder

As a licensed cosmetologist and hair extensionist since 1993, Maryam has been trained or certified in every major hair extension method. In 2001, after many years of research and practice with multiple systems, she created Goddess Hair Extensions and Goddess Hair Replacement. She is now one of the most accomplished hair extensionists in the world, having completed more than seven thousand custom hair extension applications. As a master hair stylist and colorist she has also completed over twenty thousand haircuts and over fifteen thousand hair colorings, respectively.